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8 Questions

We’ve been attracting a fair number of folks to our Rod & Gun Club blog. If any of our visiting climate skeptics would like to take a crack at the following questions, be our guest.

1) Why are millions of acres of forest dying in the western U.S. and Canada?

2) Why are our mountain snows coming later and melting earlier?

3) Why did the U.S. National Academy of Sciences recently call anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change a “settled fact?”

4) If climate change wasn’t responsible, why was 2000 - 2009 the warmest decade ever recorded?

5) Along those same lines, if climate change wasn’t responsible, why was 2010 the warmest year ever recorded?

6) Why do 97% to 98% of climate scientists agree that our climate is warming and that humans are responsible for much of the temperature increase?

7) Why has the fossil fuel industry spent so much money trying to convince us that the science on climate change is not yet settled?

8) What would you tell your kids & grandkids if you dismissed the threat from climate change and we lost our hunting and fishing because we failed to act in time?
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