Our Conservation Hawks CONVERGENCE Giveaway

The Ultimate Win/Win For Anglers

We want anglers to watch our new film CONVERGENCE, so we’re giving away some truly incredible trips and gear as an incentive.  With a little luck, you can walk away with one of the following:

We're also giving away special trips with some of the world's most celebrated and iconic anglers: Tim Romano, Hilary Hutcheson and Phil Monahan.  (Details are down below.)

So what do you need to do?

First, watch CONVERGENCE on Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook.  If you’ve already seen it in the Fly Fishing Film Tour, take a few minutes and watch it again.  Then, in order to be eligible for one of our stellar trips or an epic piece of gear, drop us an e-mail at info@conservationhawks.org and tell us the following:

  1. Your favorite quote from the film.  (Please be specific.)
  2. What have you done to share CONVERGENCE?  Did you pass it around on Facebook?  Did you e-mail it to your friends and ask them to watch it?  Did you tweet out the link and your favorite quote?  Did you write an epic poem about CONVERGENCE and send it to Hatch Magazine, MidCurrent, Fly Fisherman or The Drake?  We encourage creativity, and we’re looking for folks who really make an effort to get friends & family to watch the film and think seriously about climate change.
  3. What do you want to win, and why?  Does the idea of fishing with a great guide just make you smile?  Is there a particular river you’ve always wanted to visit? Do you really, truly need that new Patagonia pack or Orvis reel?  Please tell us what prize you want, and why we should pick you instead of someone else.
  4. Who are you?  Make sure you include your name, city, state and zip code.  If you want to tell us more, that would be wonderful.  (And no, we won’t share your personal information with anyone else.)

That’s it.  Send us your favorite quote from the film, tell us what you’ve done to share CONVERGENCE, explain what you’d like to win (and why), and share whatever information about yourself that you’d like us to know.

Oh, and two more things …

While we don’t require it, we’ll give extra credit to everyone who likes our Conservation Hawks Facebook page.

And because Conservation Hawks is a small nonprofit with very limited funding, we have three incredible trips set aside for folks who donate at least $25 to CH.  

Trip #1 is a day with legendary angler, writer, magazine editor, guide, and all-around great guy, Phil Monahan, of Orvis.  Phil has offered to take an angler fishing in Vermont.  You get to pick whether that's a walk/wade trip for trout on one of Phil's secret streams, or whether you fish from a canoe on a Vermont pond or lake. 

Trip #2 is a day with one of the angling world's most talented and iconic fly fishers, Hilary Hutcheson.  

Trip #3 is a day floating a Colorado river with fly fishing photographer and rock star Tim Romano.  That’s right.  Tim will float you down one of his favorite Colorado rivers, point you towards the trout, and even snap a few epic photos for you when you bring a fish to hand.