You can make a difference!

Climate change is a huge threat to our hunting & fishing.  If you're reading this during normal business hours, please call Congress and ask them to Act On Climate.  Calling on the phone and speaking to a staffer is the single most important step you can take to share your views.  Just click on the button below to start the ball rolling.

When you call, be sure to mention your name and your address.  Then tell the staffer that you're a hunter and/or an angler, inform them that you are concerned about climate change and its impacts on your hunting & fishing, and ask the senator or representative to support strong climate & energy legislation.  

If you can't call, or if it's after hours, please consider sending an e-mail to your senators and congressman.  

(Here's a link to a free mobile phone app that will allow you to video message your congressman.) 


Your donation allows us to educate and engage more hunters & anglers.  Climate change is a huge threat.  We have to act now, while we can still make a difference.

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Spread the Word

Talk to your friends and family about global warming.  The best way to make an impact is to share accurate information with the people you know.  Speak up!

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