Outdoor Media Climate Challenge

$25,000+ in Prizes

Conservation Hawks is pleased to announce the winners of the $25,000+ Outdoor Media Climate Challenge, facilitated by the Outdoor Writers Association of America.  The contest was designed to recognize and reward media members who shared an accurate, compelling climate message with hunters & anglers in the Southeastern U.S. 

Rick Crawford of Charleston, SC won the $10,000 Grand Prize for his Sustainable Angler podcast with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, which topped the Audio/Video/Still Images category.

Frank Sargeant took home the $5,000 First Prize in the Writing category for his three part series, A No-Nonsense Look At Climate Change, which appeared in the Fishing Wire. You can see all three parts by clicking on the links below:

“A No-Nonsense Look At Climate Change” - Part 1
“A No-Nonsense Look At Climate Change” - Part 2

“A No-Nonsense Look At Climate Change” - Part 3

Human-caused climate change poses a serious threat to our fish and wildlife, to our landscapes and waters, and ultimately to our hunting and fishing.  Sadly, that threat goes largely unnoticed and undiscussed in America’s outdoor media. Conservation Hawks (CH) is working to change that dynamic and raise the profile of the climate crisis.

You can see the full list of winners down below.

Writing Winners
The full list of winners in the Writing category:
          First prize - $5,000 “A No-Nonsense Look At Climate Change” by Frank Sargeant
          Second prize - $3,000 “What We Once Thought Timeless” by Johnny Sain
          Third prize - $1,000 “Red tide is always bad. Global warming is making it worse” by Giuseppe Sabella
          Fourth prize - $750 “Are there fish in there?” by Rick Van Noy
          Fifth prize - $500 “Parts of the southeastern U.S. are naturally resilient to climate change” by Matthew Reilly

 Audio/Video/Still Image Winners
The full list of winners in the Audio/Video/Still Images category:
          First prize - $5,000 Sustainable Angler Podcast
          Second prize - $3,000 Emerger Strategies Video
          Third prize - $1,000 The Venturing Angler Podcast
          Fourth prize - $750 Ann & Rob Simpson, not available online
          Fifth prize - $500 RepYourWater Video