We Are Hunters & Anglers Defending Our Future

Conservation Hawks is unique. It's our job to look at all the problems facing America's hunting & fishing, identify the single largest, and then defend our future against that one looming threat.

We've examined every major issue that could impact our sporting heritage. Climate change is the single largest threat to our fish and game, our landscapes, and our kids and grandkids. We have to address it now, while we can still make a difference.


Our Mission

As hunters & anglers, our mission is to defend our sporting heritage and pass on a healthy natural world to future generations of Americans.

“Why do we need a group like Conservation Hawks? Because there’s no chance—none—that our politicians in DC will step back from the climate cliff of their own accord. Somebody has to take their hand and lead them back toward sanity. And who better than sportsmen? Who better than folks who hike through the empirical evidence every time they step outdoors?”

— Todd Tanner, CH President -- Forbes

What We've Achieved

  • We created COLD WATERS,  CHROME and CONVERGENCE, three short climate and angling films. 
  • We've produced short climate PSAs for hunters and anglers.
  • We've worked with a number of outdoor industry partners to draw attention to climate change, including Patagonia, Orvis, Scientific Anglers, Sage, Redington, RIO, Costa, Winston, Yeti and Abel.